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6 Tourist Spots in Islamabad

Tourist Spots in Islamabad You Need to Visit in 2021

Islamabad is one of the most vibrant federal capitals in the world. Not only is it a beautiful blend of nature and urbanization— a result of the masterful planning and the vigilance of the Capital Development Authority. Moreover, this city is rich in history and culture making for some really breathtaking tourist spots in Islamabad….

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Tourist attracts in Islamabad

The Top Tourist Attractions in Islamabad

When we think of touring Pakistan, we always quote the top tourist attractions in Islamabad. As this city is the federal capital. Its modern design adds to its attraction.  Islamabad is the heart of Pakistan and, thus, is equipped with the most modern designed and well-planned constructions. The city is home to many breathtaking attractions…

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Pakistan Tourism Ranking

Pakistan Tourism Ranking and Role of Real Estate Industry

Real estate has always played an important role in Pakistan Tourism Ranking whether it is Pakistan or any other country of the world. Many countries out there in the world are totally based on tourism and their economies only lie on tourism sector. Talking about our country, Pakistan is one of the topmost tourist destinations…

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Airbnb in Pakistan & Benefits for Real Estate

One of the most common questions these days is what the future of Airbnb in Pakistan is. For those of you who do not know what Airbnb is and for the people who want to know about its future in Pakistan this article is going to give answers to your questions and further it is…

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ARY Laguna Real Estate

DHA Karachi Set to Host ARY Laguna

ARY Laguna Real Estate project is an amazing upcoming venture in DHA Karachi. It is a Resort style living scheme near the coast of Karachi.  It is to be in the heart of DHA City Karachi and is going to be a spectacular project. Due to the high rate of water being polluted, it was…

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