Water Theme Park in Islamabad By Blue World City | Latest 2022 Updates


This article sheds light on the construction and development of the newest Water Theme Park in Islamabad, and what this means for tourism in the federal capital.

Islamabad is considered to be one of the most beautiful as well as eco-friendly capital cities in the world. It has a number of splendid natural tourism destinations, providing visitors with a delightful tourism experience. However, Islamabad still lacks a number of factors pertaining to tourism.

For instance, there is no Water Theme Park in Islamabad that can provide tourists with the ecstatic and thrilling adventure such parks are known to provide. Therefore, Blue World City Islamabad has decided to build the First-ever Water Theme Park in Blue World City Islamabad. This project is currently under development and headed by Mr. Humza Amir who is the Director of Sales and Water Theme Park.

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BWC Promoting Tourism in the Capital

Tourism in Islamabad

Capital cities such as London, Paris, and Tokyo are also considered to be booming tourism destinations because of tourism features such as theme parks, playlands, and similar destinations. As no one has ever heard of Water Theme Park in Islamabad, therefore it is still not considered to be in that category, and a number of tourism features are to be added to Pakistan’s Capital to make it more attractive for tourists inside as well as outside the country.

Because of this, Blue World City Islamabad has decided to build a tourism hub in the Capital City that will fill the voids concerning tourism in the city. This tourism hub will be located near the M2 Motorway and in proximity to the new Islamabad International Airport. Tourists can easily come in and visit the Water Theme Park in Islamabad from both insides as well as outside the city.

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Water Theme Park in Islamabad


In order to boost tourism in Islamabad, Blue World City Islamabad has planned to develop a state-of-the-art Water Theme Park. This park will include all the basic features that can provide the visitors with an ecstatic adventure of a lifetime. This project is expected to develop on a priority basis, and it is considered to be the best feature of Blue World City Islamabad.

According to Mr. Humza Amir, this project is expected to open up employment opportunities for Pakistanis and provide a boost to the economy of the country. As a result of this, large magnitudes of international investment are coming into Pakistan, and the overall financial system is witnessing a rise.

A Booming Investment Destination


Because of its tremendous tourism features, Blue World City Islamabad is considered to be a booming investment destination that is about to provide investors with the best possible returns on investment. This housing project has a number of opportunities for investment and people from all financial backgrounds can invest. As a result, people from all across the world are pouring in their investments in the capital city of Pakistan, and this news of Water Theme Park in Islamabad has provided them with another reason to invest in Blue World City Islamabad.

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